Insanity and Humiliation

Plaintalk and common sense about how Israel can gain respect from friend and foe.

Victor Sharpe

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Victor Sharp;e

This is what a Christian Tea Party activist and American immigrant from India, Mario Goveia, wrote to me as the latest Palestinian crime against an Israeli civilian was perpetrated; this time by a Palestinian Arab sniper who shot a 9-year-old girl.

He wrote:

“It has bemused me for years that here you have an implacable adversary that has been honest enough to put their nefarious objectives and principles IN WRITING. They have never tried to hide their objectives. They even make maps that show no Israel, and no one in the US, UN or even Israeli leadership, takes them seriously, even when they have been acting on their principles for 65 years now.

“Thus emboldened, these Arabs, including the so-called Palestinians, keep making demands as if they have the power and have been the victors in the various conflicts that have taken place. I have never seen anything like it in history, where the victors are the ones making concessions, and the vanquished intractably and consistently try and call the shots and make demands.”

Many supporters of Israel express utter bewilderment that the Jewish state, alone among the nations of the world, allows this murderous aggression by Palestinian Arab brutes to proceed day after day, week after week, month after month and year after year.  We heard Transportation Minister, Yisrael Katz, warning that “the attack does not bode well for diplomatic talks between Israel and the Palestinian Authority.“

Well, duh, of course it does not bode well. How can it? It is the very policy of the Palestinian thugdom, led by the Holocaust denier and paymaster of the massacre of Israeli athletes at the Munich Olympics, Mahmoud Abbas, to unleash his Fatah terror squads to kill and maim Israelis even as the suicidal “peace” talks with him continue. Suicidal, not for the Arabs who call themselves Palestinians; but suicidal for the Jewish state.

Thus, while the absurd Israeli kabuki dance with the thugdom known as the Palestinian Authority continues – perhaps it should be more appropriately described as a dance macabre – Israelis die as they always do when Israel is pushed by friend and foe alike to yet again sit down with the Jew-hating Arab and Muslim barbarians. Yet as Israeli leaders make more and more humiliating offers of “land for peace” and are persuaded to take endless “risks for peace,” the Muslim Arabs rejoice.

There can never be true and lasting peace for the Jewish state with those who follow Islam. Period.
It must be said, again and again, that where the Muslim foot has trod triumphal in the name of Allah, that forever is considered Islamic territory – the Dar al-Islam. And if it is lost to Muslim control, it is incumbent upon each and every Muslim to wage relentless war until it is reconquered and removed from the Dar al-Harb: the House of War. In short, there can never be true and lasting peace for the Jewish state with those who follow Islam. Period.

Thus if Israel shrank to just one downtown city block in Tel Aviv, it would still be warred against by the Arab and Muslim world until it was no more. Giving away even one centimeter of ancestral and biblical Jewish land to the Muslim and Arab brutes, especially those who call themselves Palestinians,  is not only a sin against Torah but is politically, geographically and economically a symptom of national insanity and humiliation.

The Jewish state endures humiliation. Jews are discriminated against by their own Israeli police on the Temple Mount for fear of offending the Muslim hordes. The latest outrage was a volunteer with the Magen David Adom first aid service, forced last week to remove his jacket with the organization’s emblem before he was allowed to enter the Temple Mount. The emblem of Magen David Adom is a red Star of David. That emblem must be a source of pride and engender respect from friend and foe alike; never to be hidden anymore.

This is yet another example of Israeli police capitulating to the demands of the Muslim Waqf. It was Moshe Dayan who foolishly handed control of the Temple Mount to the Waqf soon after its liberation in the 1967 Six Day War. In return, the Muslim Waqf systematically destroys all Jewish and Christian artifacts and antiquities discovered on the Temple Mount while the Israeli government allows this daily scandal to continue.

I urged in a previous article /Articles/Article.aspx/13867#.UlIJh87nAU that, “there is a pure Zionist response to Arab and Muslim terror against Israelis. That response is the building or rebuilding of Jewish villages and homes throughout Judea, Samaria, Jerusalem and the Golan in direct response to Arab butchery and barbarism. Each new village should be named in eternal memory of the Jewish victim who fell at the hands of Arab hate and evil.”

I was referring to the two Israelis – 20 year old Tomer Hazan and 20 year old Gabriel (Gal) Kobi – both murdered by a P.A. sniper on September 20 and 22 respectively. Now a nine year old girl, Noam Glick, has been shot in the neck at point blank range while playing on the balcony at her home in Psagot, north of Jerusalem, perhaps by the same Palestinian sniper. Now Palestinian Arab thugs brutally murdered Sariya Ofer, a retired IDF colonel who lived in the Jordan Valley. When will an Israeli government stop the insanity of “peace” talks with the cesspool that is the Palestinian Authority and when will the national humiliation end?

 Israel again foolishly entered into the talks with the PA on July 29, releasing Arab thugs with Jewish blood up to their armpits. In return, there has been a dramatic increase in violent Arab attacks and terrorism. Meanwhile the PA government run media indoctrinates Palestinian children with hatred of Jews, reaching levels not seen since the time of Julius Streicher’s Nazi screed, Der Sturmer. This crime is in flagrant violation of the so-called Oslo Accords – better referred to as the Oslo War. 

And what does the administrator of the Fatah facebook under the control of Mahmoud Abbas write?

"The sniper of Palestine" who began his work in Hevron (the shooting of the soldier), passed through El-Bireh (the shooting of the girl), and will continue in more places in the future”

Meanwhile, Palestinian Media Watch has documented Fatah and the PA's continued glorification of terrorists. Yet still the official Israeli policy is to negotiate peace with the Palestinian crime boss, Abbas, even as he held a memorial for terrorist, Abu Sukkar, who slaughtered 15 Israelis in a bombing atrocity. He eulogized the terrorist, adding that "Fatah lost a beacon."

So who can blame our Christian friend who is bemused and dismayed that Israel still kowtows to hostile pressure from the UN, the EU, the so-called Quartet and from the most anti-Israel U.S. president in history, Barack Hussein Obama, who many believe has zero interest in Israel’s survival – and that is a deliberate understatement.

In shaking off, once and for all, its dance macabre with the barbaric entity known as the Palestinian Authority, Israel will be respected by friend and foe alike. Certainly she will be demonized, ostracized and threatened but better to be a wolf than a sheep. Better, too, to be hated and remain alive than be dead and given beautiful eulogies.

Most certainly, Israeli policy must punish every Palestinian crime committed against any Jewish man, woman and child by building a new village in the ancestral and biblical heartland; named in eternal memory of the Jewish victim(s) who fell at the hands of Arab hate and evil. This is the Zionist answer to Arab aggression.

 Will present Israeli leaders finally show such intestinal fortitude and do this? I would hope so, but I fear they will not.

Victor Sharpe is a freelance writer and author of the trilogy, Politicide; The attempt to murder the Jewish state.