Where Every Jewish House has Bullet Holes in It

How embarrassing for Abbas, the sniper actually shot from his home town.

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Giulio Meotti

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My friend the translator, Yosi Dayan, lives in Psagot, where a Jewish girl was wounded just a few days ago, in a terror attack. Last night, he sent me the most important reflection on what happened:

“The first reports told the public that a sniper shot from ‘the adjacent small village of El Bireh’. El Birah is a large city merged to Ramallah. In fact they are one city in every aspect. The press does not want to embarrass Mahmoud Abbas, who is sitting in ‘his capital’ city. Therefore, the reports announced that the sniper shot from El Bireh”.

This is the untold and embarrassing subtext of the latest terrorist attack.

The residents of Psagot calculated that 120,000 bullets were fired at the village within the first year of the Second Intifada alone.

In Psagot, every house has bullet holes in it. The windows are often barricaded with sandbags, and the families have to sleep on the floor. Between this tiny Jewish “settlement” and the first Arab house there are less than a hundred yards - child’s play for a precision rifle. As soon as shots ring out from Ramallah, an announcement goes out over the public address system on the roof of the Psagot synagogue, and everyone runs for their homes.

The residents of Psagot calculated that 120,000 bullets were fired at the village within the first year of the Second Intifada alone.
The Arabs from Ramallah just dream about “waking up one day and no longer seeing (Psagot) in front of us”. That is the meaning of Psagot and Ofra and Beit El: that Judea and Samaria will either be Jewish or become the Jüdenrein, kleptocratic and terrorist Fatahland. From Psagot you see the Mukata, where Yasser Arafat orchestrated the Oslo War with its 2,000 dead.

The Arabs in Ramallah are just waiting to take over the nearby Jewish homes. They want to turn Psagot into a cluster of darkened buildings, its famous vineyards uprooted. An Israeli flag on the roof of a simple townhouse might still flutter in the wind. At one of the checkpoints before Psagot, a sign reads in Hebrew, English, and Arabic: “Entrance for Jews not allowed”.

Psagot protects the capital of the State of Israel. The Jewish town is 904 yards above sea level and the Jews living there are guarding the strategic, northern border of Jerusalem. Psagot is precious to the IDF, because during the Second Intifada for example, two missiles fired into a street below from there narrowly missed assassinating Marwan Barghouti, the Fatah terrorist chief.

Psagot also strategically halted the expansion of Ramallah southward toward Jerusalem. It is an obstacle to the Islamization and Arabization of Jerusalem.

You can see the Jordan Valley and the Mediterranean from Psagot’s high points. If the Muslim terrorists are able to defeat Psagot, everyone else in the biblical heartland will go. That is why they shot a nine year old Jewish girl. Like the Nazis did in the forest of Ponari.

As Fatah praises the Psagot shooter on its Facebook page, people around the world should donate to Psagot, suporting its welfare and expansion - as a response to Jihad against Jewish children.