A Hero Leaves the IDF

Instead of being supported for a brave and necessary action, Lt. Col. Eisner was forced to leave the IDF. The writer cannot remain silent.

Giulio Meotti

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giulio meott
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Instead of supporting Jewish soldiers as they fight the enemy, the IDF is abandoning them.

It was decided recently that Lt. Colonel Shalom Eisner, who was suspended from duty in April 2012 after striking a Danish anarchist blocking a highway near Jericho, is to leave the IDF.

His case resembles that of a Druse soldier who was left bleeding to death while defending Joseph’s Tomb. Both, Shalom Eisner and Madhat Yusef, were defending Israel’s borders and sovereignity.

Yusef was a Druse soldier serving in Israel’s border patrol. He was doing guard duty at Joseph’s Tomb in Nablus/Shechem on the Jewish New Year when he was murdered by PLO stormtroopers sent out by Arafat.

This is the tragic story. Yusuf was wounded by a PLO bullet during an Arab attack on Joseph's Tomb, a Jewish holy site which remained in Israeli hands when the city in which it is located, Shechem, was handed over to the Palestinian Authority. There was an Israeli military base atop the nearby Mount Gerizim. The army had the means to easily evacuate the soldier by helicopter. But Ehud Barak wanted the Palestinian Authority “police” to rescue him to show that the “peace process” was working. Yusef lay bleeding to death in the holy tomb for hours. The PA did nothing. And he died. A non-Jewish soldier serving in the IDF was betrayed by the Israeli prime minister.

Now it is the turn of Eisner. Is the IDF expecting its soldiers to submit to being beaten by “pacifists” who hinder IDF activities, who serve as terrorists’ human shields, who locate themselves near roadblocks, who provide Jihadist operatives with logistic and moral support? The way the IDF handled Eisner’s case is sending that pathetic message.

Eisner was immediately condemned by Prime Minister Netanyahu and the Israeli Defense Forces Chief of Staff. The Israeli media, which is totally bankrupt, took the side of the “pacifists” who sought to supplement the jihadists’ campaign.

But more important,  I had hoped that the ordinary Israeli people, who expressed support in a poll, would rally behind Eisner, that they would be grateful and blessed to know that there are men like Eisner who understand the reality of Israel and do what should. Except for one protest, a few articles and statements, Eisner was left alone.

Shalom Eisner did his job and did it well, showing restraint while dealing with a gang of extremists paid by Arab terrorists and Western anti-Semites to foment a war inside Israel’s borders.

Israel should be proud of Eisner. Yet a Jewish soldier was forced to end his career because he hit someone who had broken his hand. This is the lesson of his tragic story.

If the IDF had more people like Eisner, the world would respect the Jews much more.
If the IDF had more people like Eisner, the world would respect the Jews much more. Instead, Israel is promoting the anti-Israeli soldiers and law officers who taze Boaz Albert and brutalize Jews in Amona, when children and babies were thrown out of their beds at 2 a.m., in the freezing cold while families were expelled from their homes.

After Eisner’s dismissal, other violent foreign activists will be treated with kid gloves. It also means that the IDF has accepted a primitive view of history, a world divided between the good guys - the Arabs and their leftist friends - and the bad guys – the “settlers”.

Punishments like that of Eisner will definitely be appreciated by all the Western Jew haters. Terrorists are celebrating these days. Who needs the enemy to lynch Jewish soldiers like in Ramallah when the Israeli establishment and mainstream will do the job for them?

Shalom Eisner is a proud Jew, a human being, a father and a soldier willing to lose everything because he cared about his fellow soldiers and citizens. But he has been slandered by his own government and army and left to twist slowly in the wind. With Eisner, the IDF has capitulated before a mob of terrorist sympathisers.

I, too, am going to believe that Western anti-Semites and blue-eyed “activists” are correct in calling the Israeli soldiers “war criminals”. This is the message the IDF sent by dismissing modest heroes like Shalom Eisner.   

Lt. Colonel Eisner, I salute you for what you did.