Jew-hatred Today in Norway’s Island of Massacre

Selective compassion in Norway.

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Giulio Meotti

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Two years ago, on July 22nd 2011, Anders Behring Breivik killed 69 youngsters at a camp of the Labor government party on the island of Utoya.

It was then discovered that the youth movement had invited representatives from the Palestinian Popular Front of Palestine to participate in their Utoya’s camp. The PFLP is listed as a terrorist organization by the United States, the European Union, Canada and the U.K.

Money was collected for the Arab terrorists at the camp. These are the same terrorists who slaughtered the little Fogels in Itamar.

In 2010 at the Utoya camp, the AUF also established “the State of Palestine”, by fencing off an area and setting up a “separation wall” (youngsters played at being "cruel" Israeli border guards).

At Utoya’s 2011 camp, students also promoted the boycott of the Jewish State. The Norwegian Prime Minister was also photographed while getting a T-Shirt from the Fatah Youth leader Hassan Faraj with the inscription “Free Palestine”, which means death to Israel.

A few days ago Norway’s Prime Minister visited again the island of the massacre and Jens Stoltenberg was photographed again with a flag of “Palestine”, a gesture intended to incite the youth to hate the Israeli Jews.

Utoya is the mirror of Europe’s conscience. The only Norwegian Jew deported in 1942 to remain alive, Samuel Steinmann, protested against the proposal of touring Utoya like students do in a Nazi concentration camp.

“I feel like this is a demotion of the Holocaust’s gravity”, Steinmann said to the Dagen newspaper.

This is the steady stream of hostility, carefully cultivated and implemented over the past decade by Europe’s élite and mainstream and which has conditioned the average Palestinian Arab to view Israel with hatred, thereby laying the conceptual groundwork in Palestinian Arab society to justify launching vicious acts of cruelty against it.

Norway’s leaders are celebrating the Palestinian terrorists who wrap babies in strollers with slogans of hatred around their foreheads, who name summer camps after suicide bombers and who proclaim in music clips the wonders of “martyrdom” and murder.

This is exactly what Norway and the rest of Europe are saying to Israel:

Breivik’s terrorism is pure evil, it is racism, while the Jewish people is facing “national” terror, a different kind of terror, in the face of which the Israelis must retreat in a series of “disengagements”.

Utoya’s message is clear: the Fogels were killed because of “the occupation”, while Norways’ students have been gunned down because they were morally superior to Breivik.

This is the very root of Europe’s murderer mentality: a continent compassionate for all kinds of victims, except for blown up Jews.

A continent that regards as heroes and “liberators” those who slit children’s throats on a Samarian hill.