Release of Murderers

The release is a significant hindrance to law and public safety.

Nachi Eyal, Legal Forum

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This week it was announced that Israel will be releasing 104 Palestinian prisoners to coincide with the resumption of peace talks.

The Legal Forum for Israel has petitioned the Pardons Department of the Ministry of Justice and requested that they invite all members of the families of terror victims to receive relevant information before the murderers of their dear ones are released.

The Forum protests the release of murderers that consists of an injustice and hindrance to the rule of law. "This is a clear message to terrorists that a trial and incarceration in Israel are not that final say and that terror is rewarding." Furthermore, released terrorists will be a danger to public safety as they will return to terrorism, as proven in the past.

The Forum demands that the rights of the terror victims are fully realized. Attorney Yossi Fuchs from the Legal Forum contacted attorney Amy Palmor, Head of the Pardons Department at the Justice Ministry, requesting that she notify all members of families of terror victims of the up-coming release and allow them to fully actualize their rights to a hearing and an appeal against it.

"Some of the attacks were executed in the 80's and the victims' parents are elderly. There is no certainty that they have received the list of those up for release, and therefore the State must contact them and notify them of their rights to object to the release of the murderers of the dear ones."

The Forum further demands that the government hand over to each family the opinion of the Israel Security Agency (ISA) on their assailant, enabling them to submit an articulated objection, and invite them to a hearing by representatives of the Ministry of Justice. This demand is based on a ruling by the High Court of Justice that in future releases the level of danger each terrorist poses should be taken into consideration, even in a case of release as part of a state process.

Attorney Fuchs further stated that when talking about murderers the Government must review the level of danger these men pose. "One cannot overstate the responsibility placed on them when they release murderers, an act that can endanger the lives of citizens, and therefore it is imperative that it be made possible for family members to appeal these decisions."   

Following the request attorney Palmor informed the Legal Forum that the Ministry of Justice is acting according to guidelines and the bereaved families or any interested party is welcome to present their case.

Furthermore, attorney Palmor stated that the Legal Forum, as an organization that has access to these families may contact them and clarify their right to present their case and guide them in the process.  Any requests she receives will be presented to the President, the Prime Minister, the Ministers and Justice Minister when they come to discuss the list of prisoners who are scheduled for release.

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