The British Charlatan is the Worst Kind of Anti-Semite

Their lovely accents and polished vocabulary cannot hide the blatant anti-Semitism that has characterized Her Majesty's realm since the first Jew stepped onto British soil.

Giulio Meotti

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giulio meott
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It is reminiscient of the Nazi occupation of Poland, when Jews who wanted to leave the ghettos and enter the “Aryan section” needed a special permit.

During the recent European Union forum, which approved the racist guidelines prohibiting EU agencies from funding “Israeli bodies connected to West Bank settlements”, the British delegation suggested that “the guidelines should apply to every Israeli citizen who lives beyond the Green Line”.

According to the British diplomats, if you are a Jew living in Ariel, Kiryat Arba, Elon Moreh, Elkana or Alfei Menashe, you must apply for a travel visa because your blood is not as red as that of your brethen in Tel Aviv.

Britain has become the most anti-Semitic Western country. This is the last phase of British anti-Semitism, which had a face of murder and cultimated in the 1290 expulsion, and a literary face, which began with the anonymous medieval ballad “Sir Hugh, or the Jew’s Daughter”.

Hypnotized by an idea, the end of Israel, the UK has become the largest hub of anti-Jewish demonology. The moribund British public opinion and politics, which gives the impression of being much more sophisticated than many other European countries, today is full of demagogues, disparagers, defamers and scandal-mongerers. That’s why in 2007 the American Nobel laureate, Steven Weinberg, cancelled a planned visit to a London university. Because of “the widespread anti-Israel and anti-Semitic current in British opinion”.

The UK government has been the first in labelling guidelines advising retailers that food products from “settlements” be labelled as “produce of the West Bank (Israeli settlement produce)” and Palestinian produce as “produce of the West Bank (Palestinian produce)”. The guidelines were welcomed by food retailers and appear to be observed by major supermarkets.

Thousands of British academics currently boycott Israeli universities and students, UK government organizations invite its citizens to avoid buying Jewish goods, the Sharia anti-Semitic apologists “advise” Downing Street, the Church of England opened to the divestment of Israel and British multiculturalism turned into a factory of suicide bombers.

It is the New England. Goodbye Churchill. And the list of shame does not end here. This week, the Israelis attending a British musician and former Pink Floyd frontman Roger Waters’ concert discovered a blatantly anti-Semitic display, a balloon in the shape of a pig, on it a Star of David.

The British Embassy in Tel Aviv canceled the construction of a building because the construction company had participated in the building of Israeli “settlements”.

Humanitarian organizations such as “War on Want”, which receives over a million pounds from the British government, promote the criminalization of Israel.

The Union of Universities and Colleges, which represents more than one million civil servants in the UK, voted to terminate all the ties with Israel, the only state in the Middle East where there is academic freedom.

A group of British university lecturers with 67,000 members even decided to support the Hamas government in Gaza.

The union of journalists, which influences what the British learn in the “morning’s prayer”, as Hegel called the reading of newspapers; the Anglican church, where the English people learn from the pulpit every Sunday; the union of teachers, which controls what British youngsters learn in schools, and the union of public employees, which influences the decisions of the political-bureaucratic machine, all of these institutions have adopted anti-Semitism.

The burned skin, the slit throats and the smashed faces of the Jews and their children have never interested the UK. In 1929, the British military condemned to death the peaceable Jews of Hevron, when English officer Cafferata allowed 67 innocent people to be slaughtered by the Arabs whle his soldiers just stood by.

In 1943 the British foreign office abandoned the Jewish children to the gas chambers by closing the gates of the land of Israel.

In 2013, while their fellow Britishers enjoyed the celebration for the arrival of the new royal baby, the British diplomats hunted down the “settler children”.

The British charlatan, an unscrupulous, opportunistic, cynical and mendacious creature, is the worst anti-Semite.