Arabs Burn Jewish Babies and Israel Releases Them?

How can Israel even contemplate the release of terrorists who murdered its own people - including little children - thereby depriving the victims of a shred of dignity?

Giulio Meotti

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giulio meott
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It reminds one of  the sad, old Jewish joke, where the mother says: “I would have laughed, if the fool hadn’t been my own son”.

In 1988 Rachel Weiss, a 26-year-old elementary-school teacher, and her three children (Netanel, three; Rafael, two; and Efraim, nine months), were burned to death when Arab terrorists attacked a bus outside Jericho.

Now Israel is contemplating the release of Weiss’ killers. Some 120 terrorist blood-spillers are in fact preparing to pack their bags to resume “peace negotiations” with the Palestinian Arabs.

Last year the Israeli government sent back to Ramallah the bodies of the murderers from Jerusalem Machane Yehuda Open Air Market (16 fatalities,) the buses in Beersheba (17 fatalities) and Jerusalem’s Route 2 (23 fatalities). These insane gestures will lead to more Jewish deaths.

Killers are roaming free on Jewish land again. Is this how the nations of the world fight their wars? Is this Israel’s punishment for “the settlers”?

Only Israel feeds the hand that kill its own citizens.

Some the Hamas terrorists deported in 1992 acquired the art of manufacturing car bombs in Lebanon. Then Hamas leaders were allowed back (in order to build up Yasser Arafat’s credibility as “leader of all Palestinians”) and car bombs became part of the “peace process”.

I don’t know how Israel will be able to explain to all these fathers, mothers, boys and girls that the despicable terrorists who assassinated their relatives are walking around free tomorrow.

The government of Israel must not only protect the citizens who live beyond the “green line”; it must also ensure that the families and the memory of those who die - its victims - are given the respect they deserve. And that is done by never, never, releasing these ravenous Arab murderers.

Not only does this hallucinatory appeasement sanctify the Islamists’ war against the Jews and Western civilization. The terrorists’ release means something even worse: that the Jewish victim is always blamed and that Judea and Samaria’s Jewish lives, the most endangered by these immoral deals, count as nothing for the Tel Aviv’s apparatchiks.

It began in fact with Yitzhak Rabin and Shimon Peres, who reaching for normalcy and world acceptance, in a futile, tired bid to escape conflicts and burdens of a unique Jewish destiny, unthinkingly betrayed their own people.

No, Mr. Netanyahu, you don’t make peace with enemies. You make peace with vanquished enemies.

Terrorists took Rachel Weiss’ life. But your Israeli government can take away her dignity.