President Peres, Peace and Jihad Don't Mix

President Shimon Peres may speak about peace while in Jordan, but let's take a clear look at the situation.

William K. Langfan

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William Langfan

"Peace" is a magnificent word which has been used, abused, and marginalized into a meaningless expression.

Here are some of your quotes, M. President:

1.  "I will make Assad a peace partner just as I made Arafat a peace partner"

2. "Peace of the Brave"

And here are some of Arafat's:

1.  Arafat's Sept. 1993 letter to PM Rabin "PLO commits itself to the Middle East Peace Process and to a peaceful resolution of the conflict..."

2. Arafat's Jan. 1998 letter to Pres. Clinton "...All of the provisions of the covenant which are inconsistent with the PLO commitment to recognize and live in peace side by side with Israel are no longer in effect."

US Secretary of State John Kerry has urged Israeli and Palestinian leaders to "Demonstrate leadership" to find a way back to direct peace negotiations. William Hague British Foreign Secretary fully supports US efforts to restart Israeli-Palestinian Arab peace talks.

All of these peace advocates are blind to the simple fact that Palestinian expressions of peace in English do not coincide with their intentions, actions and their continuous use and jihad, martyrdom, and anti-Israel programs on Palestinian Arab TV.

Since Arafat's famous September 1993 peace letter to Prime Minister Rabin, not one word of the PLO charter to destroy Israel has been changed despite Palestinian Arab charades, Palestinian votes, and Arafat's letters.

I repeat my offer of $100,000 if anyone can come forward with an amended Palestinian Charter confirmed by a two-thirds vote of the members of the Palestine National Council (as required by Art. 33 of the 1968 PLO charter), pursuant to Arafat's allegations in his January 1998 letter to Pres. Clinton.

There are many recent illustrations which are the exact opposite of peaceful intentions by Palestinian Arab officials according to Palestinian Media Watch(PMW). For example:

Sultan Abu al-Einein: "We salute the heroic fighter who went against the settler and killed him. Blessings to the breast that nursed him."

Senior PA official Jibril Rajoub: "I swear that if we had a nuke, we have used it this morning."

PA TV program expresses refusal to compromise with Israel and promises return to Jaffa and Tel Aviv.

PA TV Calls for raising Palestinian flags over Palestinian Authority villages.

Mr. President, unless and until Palestinian expressions of peace in English correlate with their real actions and words in Arabic, peace talks will be futile.