Needed: A Better Stone

There has to be a better response than running away.

Gerald A. Honigman,

OpEds Honigman

Certainly a country which can invent the Iron Dome can come up with a better stone…

Many Jews have already been killed or seriously wounded by Arabs throwing stones and boulders at their cars, persons, or property. Among the dead and seriously wounded have been very young children.

Arabs have laughed at Israel’s feeble response–soldiers not being allowed to deal with Arabs who seek to maim or murder the way any other would-be assassin would (or should) be handled.

Sensitive about world opinion, Israel continues to court disaster by allowing its people to be targeted at will at little or no cost to their assailants.

If this continues to be the case, Israel may as well pack up and leave the disputed territories–or anywhere else it allows itself to be treated with such murderous disdain. What incentive do Arabs have to stop such behavior?

If Israel (hopefully) chooses not to simply exit the national arena, then the Jews must get serious about how to handle this continuing problem.

Firstly, when hard rocks are thrown at your head and other vital parts of your body, it must be a given that you’re allowed to defend yourself as best as possible. Goliath used a spear and mighty sword against David’s sling
If someone goes after an American policeman with a club, you best believe if the cop shoots him, it will be considered legitimate self defense. While there’s frequently a double standard when Israel is involved, it’s up to Israel to point the duplicity out to those who question its actions - and then tell those accusing it where to go if that attempt fails.

Having said this, for the sake of trying to avoid additional headaches, there is a better way. And, again, those who gave the world the cell phone, the Pillcam Endoscopic Capsule, and Iron Dome can surely meet this challenge as well.

The Arabs like throwing stones. So, let’s play their game, only better. Much better.

Surely a military which can produce a Merkava tank can devise a weapon which can launch or fire stones more accurately and with much greater force than those tossed by Arabs.

Mass produce it, then get it into the hands of those whom are likely to be targeted along with Israeli police and soldiers defending them. And try, as best as possible, to keep it out of Arab hands.

Rubber bullets and tear gas are no longer viable options. Arabs have no fear of them.

Rocks being accurately and forcefully fired back in self defense against rock throwing assailants will increase the cost to those perpetrating the crime. That’s known as deterrence–something Israel does not have (or deliberately won’t exercise) on the local level at this point in time.

Any Arabs hurt, killed, maimed, and so forth will be victims of their own aggression–unlike the young Israel father and infant son murdered by the actions of Arab stone throwers and the 3-year-old still in a coma.

Lastly, any would-be Arab murderer wounded as result of such Jewish defensive action should be treated by Arab hospitals–not the usual pattern where Jews attempt to out Christian Christians by turning their left and right facial cheeks to appease their enemies.

Too many stories abound about Jewish doctors saving those who would butcher them in a heartbeat if given half a chance. Sorry, it’s time for this one-sided fairy tale to end. Let Mahmoud Abbas’s doctors treat their own heroes.

It’s time for Jews to forget about trying to score celestial Brownie points and positive world opinion for such allegedly “good” behavior.

How about the Jewish teaching which states that when one is kind to the cruel, one winds up being cruel to the kind? There is no doubt that this has indeed been happening over and over again. Over one thousand Arab murderers and wannabes were released for Shalit–some who have already committed new crimes (just one of too many examples).

People–all people (even Jews)–are allowed to defend themselves. And, on that same note, Israel needs to quickly get itself a death penalty for those who commit murder or attempt to do so.

Until the Jewish State takes itself more seriously, it should not expect others to do so.

A good place to start will be devising an effective answer to the deadly stone problem, one which will make Arab assailants sorry that they ever lifted a rock in the first pace.