Shifting Sands, Shifting Alliances

Under the hostile and imperial presidency of Barack Hussein Obama, the mutually beneficial special relationship between Israel and the United States is rapidly and systematically being torn apart and may become irreparable.

Victor Sharpe

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Victor Sharp;e

To quote the esteemed conservative Talk Show host and expert on the U.S. Constitution, par excellence, Mark Levin, “Obama hates Israel.” And anyone who has eyes to see and ears to hear cannot but agree with him.

The greatest threat to the Jewish state comes not from Iran, not from the Arabs who call themselves Palestinians, but from Barack Hussein Obama.

In a highly problematic article, US columnist Jeffrey Goldberg - yet another Jewish American who would presumably not resist seeing Israel forced back to the pre June 4, 1967 nine mile wide armistice (Auschwitz) lines - quoted US President Barack Obama as saying that, “Israel under Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu does not know what is in its own best interest. Netanyahu, while visiting the Gaza border last week, was told that December was the quietest month in the last 12 years and essentially replied to Obama: Yes I do.

“I think everyone understands that only Israel’s citizens will be the ones to determine who faithfully represents Israel’s vital interests,” Netanyahu said on a visit to an army base near Gaza in his first direct response to Obama’s criticism. “Over the last four years we stood up against strong pressure, and I will continue to do so for Israel’s security.”

And that strong pressure is set to become almost overwhelming in its intensity, especially if Netanyahu receives a mandate from the Israeli electorate to continue as Prime Minister for a third term. Not only will Obama, with his likely appointed Israel bashers – Kerry at the State Department, Hagel as Secretary of Defense and Brennan as head of the CIA – turn on Israel but the European Union is reported to be ready, even anxious, to isolate the Jewish state if it does not bow down to European diktats and allow the creation – for the first time in history – of a Palestinian terror state within the biblical Jewish heartland of Judea and Samaria; or what the world likes to call the West Bank.

And yet, that vicious anti-Israel pressure may well have an effect the Europeans, ever anxious to appease the Arab and Muslim world, and the American president whose growing tyrannical posturing is transforming America for the worse, do not expect. According to Fox News, the circulation of Obama’s reported comments, far from being detrimental for Netanyahu’s leadership prospects, might only help to band Israelis together ahead of the election.

And according to the website Hot Air, senior representatives in Netanyahu’s governing Likud party seethed, accusing Obama of “gross interference.” Barry Rubin recently wrote that Obama, Kerry, Hagel and Brennan are the “Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse,” certainly as far as Israel and the Middle East are concerned - and likely beyond.

Brennan cannot bear to use the name Jerusalem when referring to Israel’s capital city. He prefers to use the Muslim Arabic term, Al Quds. And Hagel has talked darkly of a “Jewish lobby” and wishes to join with his master in the White House in drastically reducing the United States armed forces and its antiquated nuclear defense abilities. Kerry, for his part, infamously once threw America under the bus with his hysterical and largely false charges of American atrocities in Vietnam.

Sen. Rand Paul, R-Ky., who recently returned from a visit to Israel, described President Obama as “arrogant and presumptuous” for reportedly claiming to have a better understanding of Israel’s best interests than Prime Minister Netanyahu.

So what is Israel best advised to do when the combined anti-Israel tsunami strikes sometime after Netanyahu’s re-election despite what the despicable Israeli Left spews against him and which anti-Semites around the world gloatingly love to repeat?

We should remember that the United States has not always been Israel’s consistent supporter politically or militarily since the Jewish state was reconstituted in its biblical homeland in 1948. It was the Soviet Union, not the USA, which sent the first shipment of arms to the Haganah on April, 1st, 1948 through its Czechoslovakian controlled satellite by air and sea. This supply helped the fledgling Israeli forces at a critical juncture in repulsing Arab aggression. And as Egyptian forces, led by the Egyptian 2nd Brigade, moved north towards Ashdod, the first four Messershmitt aircraft arrived from Czechoslovakia and their appearance had a disastrous psychological effect upon the invading Egyptian army.

Similarly Britain and France helped arm Israel, especially before and during the 1956 One Hundred Hour War. It was France, not the United States, that provided Israel with nuclear technology and supplied the IAF with the Mirage and Mystere 1V jets which were used to destroy the Arab air forces at the outset of the 1967 Six-Day War.

Little, if any, help came at that time from the United States and visits between U.S. Administrations and Israeli politicians were few and far between. It was Prime Minister Levi Eshkol who was the first Israeli head of state to visit an American president when he met with Lyndon Johnson in 1964.

Ironically the state that emerged from the breakup of Czechoslovakia, after the earlier Soviet collapse, is the Czech Republic. It alone stood out in an honorable act at the United Nations, rare among the cowardly European Union states. It opposed the recent illegal action by the Palestinian Authority in ditching all its previous peace agreements made with Israel by going to the General Assembly and predictable obtaining support from the 57 member Muslim bloc, the assorted leftist regimes and the majority of European appeasers for recognition as non-member state observer status.

The ever prescient Yoram Ettinger points out in his excellent website, www.TheEttingerReport.Com that, “since March, 2009, irrespective of harsh disagreements over the Palestinian issue, the mutually-beneficial US-Israel strategic cooperation has expanded, especially in intelligence-sharing, counter-terrorism, homeland security, missile defense, training, battle tactics, joint exercises, pre-positioning of military hardware, medical treatment of soldiers and civilians, research and development, space, commercial and defense industries and high tech in general.”

But though this relationship has been a boon to the United States as much as it has been to Israel, the Jewish state would be well served in realizing that alliances appear and disappear like the shifting sands of the desert as has happened before with countries like France and Great Britain. Under the hostile and imperial presidency of Barack Hussein Obama, the mutually beneficial special relationship between Israel and the United States is rapidly and systematically being torn apart and may become irreparable -even as the Obama Administration is sending F16s and Abrams tanks to the anti-Western Muslim Brotherhood government in Egypt: Is this Presidential insanity or mendacity?

The Jewish state urgently must therefore prepare to recognize this unfolding tragedy and seek new alliances before it is too late. Even now the writing is on the wall as Obama trashes American exceptionalism and works tirelessly to bring America down to the same level as the failed states of the world. America’s few remaining allies may find themselves increasingly cold shouldered and betrayed; and Israel is no exception.

Even if the will would still be there to support embattled Israel, the U.S., after Obama’s term of office is at an end, may no longer have the ability to be even a shadow of its former super power status or a force for stability in an increasingly perilous world.