G-d and Jerusalem Resurrected

It looks unlikely that Democrats who care for Jerusalem as Israel's capital might lightheartedly vote for Obama.
Italian MP writes about the DNC changeabout.

Fiamma Nirenstein, Former Italian MP

Arutz 7

Clearly, Obama does not have a point of strength in the Middle East, his strategy advisers do not work.

Proof is he lost all the friends he had prior to the Arab revolutions without succeeding in making new ones. His kowtow to Islam did not raise their consideration of the US in the least, which is always the old imperialist enemy.

Only one friend stayed close to the US, not out of interest, but thanks to its democratic inspiration. Obama is totally jeopardizing this lone little Hans, who ended up with his finger stuck in the daunting leak of the Middle East dam.

Obama might even be risking his re-election, on the altar of the invincible aversion toward Israel, an uncontainable feeling that the President tried in vain to circumscribe to political criticism. Such criticism became resentment, now posing a danger even for the United States, for its international prestige.

Although 78% of American Jews voted for him, he is down many points, and  the last episode proves that Obama does not understand, or does not know, or rather shuns the Jewish heart: it is called, first of all, “Jerusalem”.

Jews, as the only religion, pray turning to that direction, they mention it in their everyday prayers; when getting married they vow fidelity to Jerusalem rather than to their spouse.

The party platform initially introduced last Tuesday at the convention actually hints that Obama envisages a feasible division of Jerusalem, seemed that he currently does not recognize a United Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, core of Jewish life and culture, but he refers instead to the Arab world's desiderata.

Obama seems to ignore that a divided city would become a battlefield worse than Belfast; that fear would master a nowadays beautiful, groomed, and tourist city, loaded with economic and culture facilities; how the holy places, now open to all faiths, would be regulated is hard to tell … The Democratic Party platform, that, however, mentions USA's pledge to the security of Israel and the hope of peace, originally did not mention Jerusalem one single time; it deleted 2008's language according to which Democrats would endeavor so that “Jerusalem be and stay the capital of Israel”. Leaving so room for continuous claims from the Arab side and to a possible division.

It is staggeringly different from Romney's platforms, which indeed attack Obama. It states: “We support Israel's right to exist as a Jewish state with secure, defensible borders; and we envision two democratic states - Israel with Jerusalem as its capital and Palestine - living in peace and security."

The 2008 democratic platform also demanded that “ Hamas be isolated until it renounces terrorism and abides by past peace agreements”; it carried on saying that “any agreement to resolve the issue of Palestinian refugees through final status negotiations should set a Palestinian State, rather than Israel, as the destination for Palestinians”; it also noted that “it is unrealistic to expect the outcome of final status negotiations to be a full and complete return to the armistice lines of 1949”. All of this language has been deleted. Essential points for Israel are no longer black and white.

All this happened after the debate on Iran ignited; right during the hours when IAEA, the International Atomic Energy Agency, witnessed the soaring production of enriched uranium at Iran's Fordo plant, General Martin Dempsey, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, declared they would never be complicit (he really used this word) in an Israeli attack on Iran. Americans meanwhile reduced the number of US troops for a joint drill with Israel, as well as technicians capable of operating anti-missile Patriot system and the radar installed in Negev Desert, which would warn Israel if anything takes off in Iran.

Not only! An exclusive report suggested (it is hard to verify) that Americans through two European countries had proposed Iran a deal: we will not back Israelis as long as you refrain from attacking American interest in the Middle East.

Israel's general reaction was well expressed by Netanyahu tin recent days, following Dempsey's statements: “You are more concerned to stop Israel than to avert an Iranian bomb

Shimon Peres told our Foreign Minister Giulio Terzi, whose statements on Iran and their welcome by Israel, makes Italy a first line friend, that we are almost past the deadline. Which means, even though sanctions appear the easiest option, an attack is not to be ruled out. In this case.

Obama will be very upset by Israel. I beg your pardon, is he not already upset, anyway?

Recovered from amnesia. G-d and Jerusalem resurrected

How serious Obama's condition was, how much he, poor thing, suffered because of an amnesia that affected him while plans for the platform were being laid, can clearly be inferred by two essential key elements: G-d and Jerusalem.

Good heavens, Dr., how could I possibly forget about them? Is is due to aging? Quick, medications. He actually did recover.

It is unknown whether G-d personally reminded him that the United States would make a huge blunder by forgetting that without his blessing, you are not going that far. At any rate, the language saying that government needs to give people “the chance to make the most of their G-d-given potential” was reinstated. This wording is slanting of course, it is nonetheless present.

Also Jerusalem was restored to the capital of the State of Israel. This did not occur because good sense prevailed; it was rather an expression of panting opportunism, as calling again your husband “honey” after repeatedly mistaking his name with your lover's. The doubt still persists, as per to whom you really love.

The unbearable boorishness of this faux pas, the fear of having to pay too dearly for it, as well as the desperate protests of left wing Jews forced to re-write the platform and now, as it was in 2008 “Jerusalem is and will remain the capital of Israel”.

Delegates were called for a voice vote (by saying out loud “yes” or no”) three times, “yes' and 'no' votes seemed to equal each other. Eventually, convention Chair Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa established that also nods were to be taken as a vote in favor. Yea. In. But it looks unlikely that Democrats who care for Jerusalem as capital might lightheartedly vote for Obama.

The president's faux pas is the accomplishment and result of a five year-old story of aversion toward Israel. No matter what he says to that.