Where's the New King David against Terrorist Goliath?

Israel’s elite is buried in the sand of Tel Aviv’s coast and lacks the faith of King David, who did not fear the Biblical terrorist Goliath.

Tzvi Ben Gedalyahu

Arutz 7

The government of Israel, led by an urban elite with its buried head in the sand of Tel Aviv’s coast, lacks the faith of King David, who was not afraid of the Biblical terrorist Goliath.

The “men of Israel” were afraid of Goliath and “when they saw the man, they fled from him and were very afraid (Samuel I: 17:24), but David in effect said, "Who the heck is he” or, to be precise, “Who is the uncircumcised Philistine that he should defy the armies of the living of G-d.”

David did not set up a tent to protest King Saul’s lack of faith in G-d to help Him defeat Goliath, nor did he embark on a peace process. He did not attack Goliath's soldiers, all of whom had plenty of replacements, waiting by, somewhat early as Mohammed's promises came some 1500 years later, in case they were to meet their fate of dying for the sake of an after-life destiny with 72 virgins.

Five stones and a slingshot against the vain and conceited Goliath finished him off, and David later led the People of Israel to fulfilling G-d's promise of settling in Greater Israel, from the Mediterranean Sea to the Jordan River.

Not so today. After 18 years of trying to appease terror with “peace talks,” the Israelite elite establishment is worried only about defending metropolitan Tel Aviv, where they hide out in their million-dollar villas. The ruling elite, who represent mainly the billionaire oligarchs who own most of the country, figures the problem is that we have not appeased and surrendered enough.

How does Defense Minister Ehud Barak order the IDF to fight Hamas, Al Qaeda, Islamic Jihad and all of their comrades when they attack southern Israel?

After almost every attack by terrorists, the IDF issues a statement, like the one following the attacks north of Eilat and the  missile attacks on Be’er Sheva:

"The IAF aircraft targeted two terror tunnels and a weapons storage facility in the southern Gaza Strip… The terror tunnel was intended for the infiltration of terrorists into Israeli territory and for executing terror attacks against Israeli civilians and IDF soldiers…. The IDF will not tolerate any malicious attempt to harm Israeli civilians and IDF soldiers.”

Can anyone explain why the same terrorist tunnels are left untouched until a missile explodes in a day care center or synagogue, or blows up a bus?

Can anyone explain exactly whom the government and military are convincing when they say that Israel “will not tolerate any malicious attempt to harm Israeli civilians and IDF soldiers”?

They certainly are not convincing the terrorists. What do they care? They want to die anyway but only with the accompaniment of a few murdered Jews.

The Israel leadership is afraid. It is afraid of “social justice” protesters in the elite’s holy Tel Aviv. It is afraid of religious Jews who might actually help inject a bit of faith into the leadership. It is afraid the stock market might collapse.

It is afraid, of course, of the mainstream media. Did anyone notice that the so-called Zionist Haaretz newspaper, in its initial report of firing on the Egged bus in Thursday near the Egyptian border, seriously reported that it was not known if terrorists were behind the shooting?

The atmosphere of fear the permeated Israel under King Saul and hypnotized the People of Israel in the same faithless atmosphere that hovers like a dark cloud over today’s leadership in Israel – and in the Diaspora – today.

They are afraid to deal the fatal blow that King Saul failed to deliver to Amalek. They are afraid to take on today’s Goliath, cowardly terrorists who hide behind masks, Islam and drug trafficking.

But have no fear.

Another David will appear and may G-d send him to us speedily and in our days.