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Arutz Sheva: Bennett Expresses Frustration Over Stalled Coalition Talks
Bennett Expresses Frustration Over Stalled Coalition Talks, Feb 18 '13, 05:25 PM

Restlessness as coalition talks drag on: "It has already been a week and no signifcant negotiations have taken place."
Annie Lubin

Chairman of the Jewish Home, Naftali Bennett, indicated a feeling of restlessness as coalition talks drag on, saying on Monday during a meeting of his party that "it has already been a week and no signifcant negotiations have taken place."

"We want to enter the Israeli government to faithfully serve the people of Israel," said Bennett, clarifying, "We are talking about the Netanyahu government and therefore we've said all the time that we have one candidate and that is Netanyahu."

"Once they decide to negotiate," said Bennett, "a government can be established within 24 hours."

Bennett said that clear guidelines must be established in order to make the negotiation process easier.

"Religious Zionism is more than 100 years and it is important that we agree on the principles before any appointments," said Bennet, adding, "We need to accelerate the process."

Bennett visited the Mirrer Yeshiva in Jerusalem, the largest yeshiva in Israel, Monday morning.

After meeting with the heads of the yeshiva, Bennett used the opportunity to address what many see as one of the main issues that has complicated coalition negotiations.
"It needs to be understood that part of the 'burden' born by the nation of Israel is that we have both yeshiva students and army combat soldiers. We will have to find the way and recognize the changed reality, and understand that certain things have changed," Bennett said.
"Torah study is an existential interest of the State of Israel," Bennett explained, "just as settling the Negev is not just an interest of the residents of the South."

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