Nissan 4, 5777, 3/31/2017

Israel to 'significantly' reduce new construction

Netanyahu tells Cabinet that new policy on Judea and Samaria will be in line with Trump's views.

Bereaved father 'horrified' by TV show on terrorists

Ron Kehrmann, who lost his daughter in a terrorist attack on a bus, blasts TV show which humanizes terrorists.

Haley: Removing Assad no longer our priority

American ambassador to the UN says Syrian President's removal is not a priority for Trump administration.

Vayikra: Calling out

Heaven speaks to us in a small, still voice, in the sound of our parents’ and ancestors’ voices, in the intimacy of family and purpose.

The week that was and reader's comments

'Israeli Right never had contingency plan for success, scrambling to maintain political viability by delineating ideological comfort zones'.


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