Adar 4, 5778, 2/19/2018

'It's up to Americans, Israelis to keep this century free'

Fox News anchor Pete Hegseth speaks at Arutz Sheva conference. 'History is not over, America is not inevitable.'

Arutz Sheva conference on US-Israel relations

Senior Fox News anchor Pete Hegseth, dignitaries and guests gather in Jerusalem to discuss bilateral relations, media and Jerusalem.

'Shilo wasn't supposed to be at accident scene'

Staff Sergeant Shilo Siman Tov dies after being seriously injured in Highway 6 accident.

Analysis: The Iranian Axis strikes in Gaza

The roadside bomb was not the only novelty at the Gaza border Saturday. A coordinated attack on Israel seems to be in the works.

1938-2018: Chamberlain and Bibi in Munich

Same place, similar circumstances, very different leaders. Opinion.


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