Av 2, 5777, 7/25/2017

'Death to Israel' at funeral of Jordanian terrorist

Thousands call for vengeance against Israel at funeral of terrorist who stabbed embassy guard.

Netanyahu, Liberman, and Eisenkot tour Golan Heights

Three briefed by Division Commander Major General Yoel Strik, and Company Commander Brigadier General Yaniv Asor.

Police wives organization backs Temple Mount duty refusal

'Families who send policemen to defend Israel feel it, maybe even more than police themselves.'

Party to right of Likud will prevent another 'Disengagement'

Justice Minister: Had Supreme Court halted Disengagement, it would have hurt democracy; people must turn to government and Knesset.'

5 BDS activists barred from Israel

Members of Jewish Voices for Peace, other BDS activists prevented from boarding flight to Israel.


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