Masoud Ganaim

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Arab MKs Accuse Israel of 'Racism' Amid Terror

Joint List denies responsibility for upswing in attacks, but then claims Israel Police shoots violent terrorists because they are Arab.

Arab MKs Accuse Israeli Government of 'Racism' Amid Terror

Arab MK Aide Booted: 'We'll Slaughter 50 Jews'

Knesset dismisses MK Ganaim's aide for threats over upcoming Beitar-Sakhnin soccer game, where Jewish and Arab fans are set to clash.

Arab MK's Aide Booted for Threatening to 'Slaughter 50 Jews'

Zoabi Marches at Hamas 'Victory Rally'

Pro-Hamas MK pushes to 'end occupation' at 'victory rally' with pro-terror leaders, says 'Palestinian struggle is part of us.'

Zoabi at Hamas 'Victory Rally': 'We are All Palestinians'

Arab MK Slapped With 'Pulsa Dinura'

An American group slammed Arab MK Masoud Ganaim with a "pulsa dinura," the alleged Kabbalistic ceremony that will do him in

Arab MK Slapped With 'Pulsa Dinura' for Disrespecting Hatikvah