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Indigenous activist the new 'face' of B'nai Brith

Ryan Bellerose, B'nai Brith Canada's new advocacy coordinator, is a member of the Metis nation.

Indigenous activist is the new 'face' of B'nai Brith Canada

First Nations' look to Israel for inspiration

Canadian First Nations' youth come to see 'Start-up nation' seeking inspiration and motivation.

First Nations tribe brings youth to Israel for inspiration

Iran Paints Canada as Human Rights Violator

Iranian television interviews Canadian Indian "First People" chiefs, claims Canada plans to "exterminate" original population.

Iran Attempts to Paint Canada as Human Rights Violator

Grand Chief of First Nations Visits Knesset

The heads of the largest native tribe in Canada, the First Nations, visited Israel’s Knesset and met with Deputy Minister Ayoob Kara.

Grand Chief of Canadian First Nations Visits Israeli Parliament