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Israel offers to come to Lebanon aid as country dissolves into economic chaos

With Hezbollah-controlled Lebanon in the midst of its worst economic collapse ever, Israel offers help, encouraging others to follow suit.

Israel offers Lebanon help as country dissolves into chaos

Hikind: Biden should base aid on need, not race

Former New York State Assemblyman Dov Hikind slams president-elect for saying minority small businesses will have priority for aid.

Hikind: Biden should base aid on need, not race

Knesset approves coronavirus grants

Citizens to begin seeing more money in their bank accounts on Sunday after Knesset unanimously passes aid package.

Knesset approves coronavirus grants

PA Spring? – Hamas is Waiting in the Wings

A “Palestinian Authority Spring” appears to be limping, but getting off the ground in Ramallah against Fayyad and Abbas. Hamas is waiting.

"PA Spring" Aimed at Leaders, Who Blame Israel