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American Anthropological Association adopts academic boycott of Israel

American Anthropological Association voted to adopt boycott of Israeli academic institutions over “discrimination of Palestinians”.

American Anthropological Association adopts Israel boycott

Universities urged to reject American Anthropology Association's BDS measure

Letter by over 100 organizations calls for university administrators to distance themselves from academic organization's BDS proposal.

Universities urged to reject Anthropology Association's BDS move

ADL: Anthropologists' rejection of BDS important

ADL welcomes rejection of a resolution to boycott Israeli institutions by the American Anthropological Association.

ADL: Anthropologists' rejection of BDS an important milestone

American Anthropologists reject BDS

American Anthropological Association narrowly defeats Israel boycott, Erdan praises 'latest in series of achievements.'

American Anthropologists reject BDS

Irony: Israeli academics lead BDS boycott

Im Tirtzu report reveals that top Israeli professors are behind boycott to 'cut off the branch they sit on.'

Irony: Israeli academics lead academic boycott of Israel

Blaming Jews gets you in the news

Blaming Jews gets you in the news

The death knell for Women's Studies

The death knell for Women's Studies

Jewish org deplores anthropologist Israel boycott

AJC - Global Jewish Advocacy denounces American Anthropological Association resolution to boycott Israel.

American Jewish group deplores anthropologist boycott of Israel

Largest yet academic association supports BDS

American Anthropological Association votes to boycott Israel.

Largest yet academic association votes to support BDS

It’s Eurabia against Israel

It’s Eurabia against Israel