News and updates about A-Tur

Terrorists sat at a restaurant, went to hunt Jews

Arab teens indicted for thwarted attack. Would-be killers ate in Old City, played computer games - then bought an ax and went out to murder.

Terrorists sat at a restaurant, then went to hunt Jews

4 Jews, 1 Arab Wounded in Jerusalem Rock Attack

Arab terrorists launch rock barrage on bus and 2 cars, damaging vehicles and wounding 5 passengers, shortly after rock attack on light rail.

4 Jews, 1 Arab Wounded in Jerusalem Rock Attack

'There Was No Time to Waste'

Border Police officers present at Wednesday morning's car attack in A-Tur describe how training saved their lives.

Officers at Terror Scene: 'There Was No Time to Waste'

Stabbed Jew Found in Trunk of Arab Car in J'lem

Arab suspects lead police on a car chase before crashing, at which point 60-year-old Tel Aviv man found bound and stabbed in trunk.

Stabbed Jew Found in the Trunk of an Arab Car in Jerusalem

Arabs Arrested for Desecrating Jewish Cemetery

Three Arabs arrested for destroying Jewish graves on Mount of Olives, as police finally show signs of treating the epidemic.

Arabs Arrested over Desecration of Ancient Jewish Cemetery

Jewish Couple Escape Lynch-Mob in Jerusalem

Young couple, along with their four year-old son, narrowly escape Arab mob; "if they'd had a gun, it would have ended differently."

Jewish Couple, Young Child, Escape Lynch-Mob in Jerusalem

Jerusalem Attacks on Jews ‘Will End in Murder’

Jewish youths who fled an Arab mob in Jerusalem warn that without immediate action, there will be deaths.

Jews Attacked in Jerusalem Say ‘This Will End in Murder!’