Zachariah Anani, an Ex-Muslim militant who grew up in Lebanon hating the state of Israel, has since become one of Israel’s most staunch supporters.

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Anani, along with two other former Muslims, plans to address an audience at Princeton University next month to voice his controversial views.

"I was brought up to hate Jews and Israel. That was my first raising, my first attitude," Zachariah Anani told Israel National Radio's Tovia Singer.

Anani describes the circumstances that prompted him to make the decision to turn his life around. "In the 70's I became a Christian, but even as a Christian, Jews didn’t mean anything to me. One day someone asked me a question regarding Jews, and I really didn’t know the answer. I started studying Jewish history. I was shocked and amazed at how much the Jews had suffered, how much they had endured. That’s what made me have a change of heart," he explained. "Thank G-d, I spent most of my short militant life fighting against my own kind. Fate never put me against the Israeli army," Anani added.

Anani says that a quick look at modern Zionist history makes it clear that Israel has enjoyed divine protection and assistance. "G-d is with Israel. If every Arab country were to send a million soldiers to surround Israel, which would be 23 million soldiers, Israel would be doomed. How did they win five wars in the past? Because G-d was there," he said.

In addition, Anani shared his opposition to the recent withdrawal from Gaza and his belief that future efforts to give up land for peace would be disastrous for Israel. "I have no clue why Israel left Gaza, why the righteous owner of a land would give up part of their inheritance and freedom. It would be another big blow if Israel gave up the West Bank." he affirmed. "A long time ago when Sadat signed a peace treaty with Israel, I believed at best this treaty gave the Jews one hundred years to pack up and leave," Anani said.

Anani expressed his strong views regarding the current tension between Israel and the Hizbullah, stating that he thought Israel should have completed the task of eradicating the Hizbullah terrorist forces that control Southern Lebanon before they withdrew their forces from the region in May, 2000. "I don’t know how the intelligence of the Israeli military did not finish the job. This is the only way, "he said.

Anani's radical viewpoint has made him a continued target for terrorists seeking to silence him. "In twenty years there have been twenty attempts on my life. I was forced to escape to Canada. I am now a Canadian citizen, but I am still not free from unfortunate incidents. Recently someone tried to set fire to my car and my house," Anani stated.

Anani is slated to be part of a panel discussion at Princeton University on December 8th where he will speak about Israel, Lebanon, the Hizbullah, and peace in the Middle East. Additional former Muslim terrorists who became Israel supporters, Walid Shoebat and Ibraham Abdullah, will join Anani in the panel at the Princeton event.

Anani ended his radio interview with an inspiring message to Israelis: "Hold on and keep the fight till the end. Don’t give up. Stop giving up."

Hear Tovia Singer's interview with former terrorist Zachariah Anani.