A husband and wife, Yaniv and Sharon Ben-Shalom, of Ofarim, were murdered last night in a precisely-targeted terrorist shooting attack on the Jerusalem-Modiin highway. It is now assumed that the snipers hid along the road not far from the Dor gas station - the only major landmark on that stretch of the highway - and placed the car in their telescopic sights before firing. A third passenger, Tzion Sviri, Sharon\'s brother, was very seriously injured, and doctors are fighting to save his life. The couple\'s two baby girls, 8 and 18 months old, respectively, were lightly injured. The family was on its way home to Ofarim, in western Binyamin north of Kiryat Sefer and Nili.

Following the attack, the IDF clamped a closure on two nearby Arab villages, and continues its manhunt for the terrorists.

Arutz-7\'s Yosef Zalmanson reports that terrorists carried out another attack in the same area this past Tuesday night. After a period of relative quiet there, terrorists hid on the southern side of the highway not far from the gas station and shot at a passing Israeli car. Bullets hit the vehicle, but no one was hurt.

It was also noted that the Ben-Shaloms are at least the eighth Israeli or Jewish couple to be killed together in violent circumstances in the past eight months. Three couples were killed in car accidents, including an Israeli couple touring in Ireland, and three others were felled by terrorists - Binyamin and Talya Kahane, Mordechai and Tzila Schijveschuurder, and now the Ben-Shaloms. In addition, a couple from New York was killed in a helicopter crash in the Grand Canyon two weeks ago, and another couple died in the Versailles wedding hall crash.