An Israeli military court handed a life-sentence this week to the man who proudly displayed his blood-drenched hands after he joined a lynch-mob of other Arabs and carried out the grisly double murder. Vadim Norzitch and Yosef Avrahami were the two reserve soldiers killed in the lynching at a Ramallah police station in 2000.

Aziz Salha was part of the Arab crowd that attacked the two after they were brought to the "safety" of the Ramallah police station. In television footage of the brutal lynching, he was seen standing at the police station window after Norzitch’s body was thrown out of it, proudly displaying his blood-soaked hands to the murderous mob below.

Norzitch, 33, and his fellow reservist Yossi Avrahami, 38, had taken a wrong turn and ended up in Ramallah. They were spotted by local Arabs and attacked by what quickly became a large mob.

Salha arrived at the police station, spotted Norzitch lying on the ground with a knife in his back, grabbed the knife and stabbed the Israeli to death while holding him in a strangle-hold. He then entered the police station, went up to the second floor window and displayed his bloody hands to the howling crowd below.

The grisly footage, aired worldwide, was filmed by an Italian film crew - whose news agency later apologized to the Palestinian Authority for doing so. Several photographers who also filmed the scene that day were beaten by PA officers and had their cameras and film destroyed.

Earlier this month, the same IDF military court also sentenced Jihad A-Karim Azziz Rom, 26, to life plus an additional 20 years for participating in the same lynching.

The image of Salha jubilantly displaying his bloodied hands has become a symbol of Arab savagery over the course of the Oslo War. Bumper stickers and placards across Israel depict the picture with a boldface caption reading: "Don't give them a state!"