Gallant and Austin
Gallant and AustinAriel Hermoni/Defense Ministry

Minister of Defense Yoav Gallant was hosted today (Tuesday) by U.S. Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin at the Pentagon. The Minister and Secretary delivered remarks to the press at the beginning of their bilateral meeting.

Gallant said prior to their meeting, “My friend Secretary Austin, it is my honor to be here at the Pentagon."

"Mr. Secretary, since Hamas launched its brutal attack on October 7th, you were the first to fly to Israel – on October 13th. You stood with us then, and you stand with us today. The people of Israel will never forget this," he said.

"The President, the Administration, and you, Mr. Secretary, have been with us since day one," Gallant continued. "This includes working together to defend Israel, against a massive attack, by Iran and its proxies."

"Today, we are at a crossroads, that will impact the entire Middle East. I am here to discuss the ways to achieve our common goals – ensuring the security of the State of Israel, and projecting the powerful ties between our countries," he said.

"In Gaza, we must work to ensure the return of 120 hostages – with no exception. We must end the terrorist regime of Hamas. In the north, we are determined to establish security – changing reality on the ground and bringing our communities home safely.

"We are working closely together to achieve an agreement, but we must also discuss readiness, for every possible scenario.

Gallant noted, "The greatest threat to the future of the world is Iran. And time is running out."

He declared, "Now is the time to materialize the commitment of American Administrations over the years- the promise to prevent Iran, from possessing nuclear weapons."

"Above all, we must discuss our extraordinary ties: Projecting power together; Discussing areas of disagreement as friends do; And standing strong together in the face of attacks – from missile attacks to diplomatic attacks on the global stage.

"Our friends and our enemies see this room and understand our power. We have a lot to discuss. Thank you, Mr. Secretary,” Gallant concluded,