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It is rare for religious women in Shani Bitton’s community to go public with their stories, however, Shani’s child compelled her to go against societal norms.

When her family faced an economic crisis, they tightened their belts and waited for it to pass, however, their 12-year-old son's upcoming Bar Mitzvah gave her a reality check. Although her son only expects a simple affair like many of his classmates, Shani hasn’t had the heart to break the news that he won’t be having any kind of celebration.

DONATE HERE to enable a Jerusalem boy to have a Bar Mitzvah.

With no other choice, Shani has chosen to go public with her story, hoping that with the public’s generosity, she won’t need to break her son’s heart.

Sharing details of her family life and financial state was hard for her, especially the line that shocked many readers, “Our bank account is empty. We haven’t had meat or chicken in months, and my kids' shoes have holes in them, how can we possibly pay for a Bar Mitzva??” Tragically, they haven’t been able to purchase Tefilin, something that even the lowest-income parents prioritize.

In the emotive letter Shani published, she wrote, “My son is a sensitive boy, with a caring smile framed by adorable dimples. He’s trusting me with the biggest event of his life to date, and I’m desperately hoping I won’t have to let him down.”

“I don’t have anyone else to rely on, and I’m turning to you. We aren’t asking for much, just a simple Bar Mitzva. Please don’t let me break my little boy’s heart. Missing out on his Bar Mitzvah is a scar I know he’ll forever carry with him.” Readers can answer the call of a brave mother by donating to the fund set up. As Shani knows, for a 13-year-old boy, no Bar Mitzva celebration would be a crushing blow.

DONATE HERE to enable a Jerusalem boy to have a Bar Mitzvah.