It was the middle of the day when inmates at the Moldovan prison were going to the main hall to eat lunch.

A prisoner noticed Natan Peretz, a Jewish prisoner, eating his Kosher food, and screamed out, “Dirty Jew.” Natan attempted to make himself inconspicuous, however, that afternoon, it didn’t work.

Rumor had it that a new prisoner had threatened the unofficial prison leader's status, and he was intent on proving his worth.


After ensuring that no guards were paying attention, the thug inched closer to Natan and pulled out a wooden club, an illegal property in prison. Moving swiftly, he attempted to strike Natan. Natan made a sharp escape, slipping into a crevice in the wall.

Heart thumping, he watched as the attacker’s eyes darted rapidly until a prison officer entered the hall and the offensive weapon was hidden. Natan returned to his shared cell, painfully aware of the fact that he was no safer there either.

According to reports from Natan, such incidents have occurred 3 times, and although he narrowly escaped each attempt, he knows that nothing is stopping them from trying again. Prison security is lax, and they rely on the unofficial prison leaders to keep control. With a distinctly Jewish look, Natan Peretz has become the prisoner’s favorite victim.

With his life in significant danger, thousands have joined a movement to bring him home to his elderly parents, wife, and 3-year-old daughter. Natan can go free once a $120,000 fine is paid, however, $40,000 is still needed before he can go free. Natan’s life and freedom are dependent on the public. To ensure a Jewish man doesn’t remain at risk among Moldovan thugs, click here to contribute.