Ein Shilo
Ein ShiloIlan Magen

The parents of Givati soldier Shilo-Yosef Amir inaugurated the memorial site 'Ein Shilo' yesterday (Monday) near the 'Nahalat Esther' neighborhood in Kedumim.

Shilo fell defending Kedumim a year ago,. Kedumim youth decided to commemorate him. They raised funds, consulted with planners, dug, drilled, poured concrete, and carried out all manual labor themselves, and built the memorial site 'Ein Shilo'.

They explained the idea of commemorating through a spring: "A source of flowing water to increase joy and love of friends and family, a place that most symbolizes our connection to the land and our presence in it, an educational project of the town's youth, teaching us what belief in the righteousness of our way means, what belief in the eternity of Israel means, and a salute to the heroism of the fighters defending our existence here and in Samaria in general. This site will be a magnet for the region's towns and all of Israel, to come and connect to this amazing part of the country we live in".

The mosaic sign at the front of the park was created by Shilo's mother, Orly, who seeks to continue Shilo's path of love for life. A large deck and shaded pergola, seating areas, and artificial springs for children and adults were established at the site.

At the ceremony, Shilo's mother spoke, as did the project initiator and youth representative Lavi Turgeman, representative of Kibbutz Merav Raz Ben-Nun, community representative Merav Cohen, and Shilo's comrades. The ceremony ended with the singing of Hatikvah.