Hila Abir
Hila AbirIsrael National News

Hila Abir, the sister of Lotan, of blessed memory, who was murdered on October 7th at the Supernova festival in Re'im, participated Monday in discussions at the Knesset and told Arutz Sheva- Israel National News about her struggle for the recognition of the status of the families of the party victims.

At the beginning of her speech, she told a little about the character of her brother, whom she describes as "magic." Lotan was 15 years younger than Hila: "He was 24-and-a-half, spreading light and huge smiles everywhere he went. He taught us what unconditional love is and what it means to see people without judging them, and I hope we will be a little more like Lotan Abir."

Regarding the struggle she is leading against various authorities, Hila says that immediately after the seven days of mourning for her brother's murder ended, it became clear "that no one would take care of us and we would have to take care of ourselves. The families of the party victims in the south come from all over the country and from all populations, and we understood that a framework needed to be created for them, and with the help of my friends to the committee, we founded an association called 'Children of Light' intended to provide support to the families of the party victims in the south."

The activity of the association established by Hila focuses both on the parliamentary arena and on the commemoration of the victims, as well as assisting families in dealing with bureaucracy and its complexities.

The number of families increases as time goes by, and it becomes clear that more young people were murdered in those parties. "Currently, the number stands at 406 families. Unfortunately, every family of a kidnapped person from the party who returns lifeless joins us. Our struggle is to recognize the national disaster that happened here, in the October 7th massacre, and to understand that this is not a regular terror attack, but a national disaster, and the law for victims of hostilities does not suffice and is not appropriate for the matter. Legislation for a special October 7th Massacre Act is needed."

Hila adds that even more than eight months after the massacre, not all families know exactly what happened to their loved ones, including her family, who received the news of Lotan's murder only after four days of searching. "We are still waiting for answers. I am optimistic from this discussion in the Constitution Committee and thank Member of Knesset Kroizer for holding this discussion for us today, and the feeling is that our chiseling in the rock has brought it to the point where it is a little stream, and eventually, water will burst forth."