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How much do you really know about the people around you? Your neighbors, acquaintances - the ones you greet, but the interactions with them remain on the surface level, never deeper.

Never really knowing what goes on behind your own neighbor's front door.

This is why the Moskowitz's neighbors were shocked when an ambulance roared down their normally tranquil street, and carried Mr. Moskowitz - the well-known baal tzedaka - inside on a stretcher. His wife, Frumy, clambered in behind him, her face drawn. Seven young children looked on, terrified, from the front step.

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Several weeks later, sharp-eyed neighbors were relieved when a car pulled up in front of the Moskowitz house. A shaky, thin version of the man they'd known walked into his home, supported by his wife, where his children waited for him.

"Thank G-d, everything turned out okay. I'm happy to see Mr. Moskowitz alive and back home with his family," one neighbor was heard to remark.

Except, that the situation in the Moskowitz home was far from "okay." In fact, it was grim. With Mr. Moskowitz so weak, their source of income disappeared overnight. They have barely enough money for food and basic expenses. Worse, they are facing eviction after falling behind on their rent.

Even now, when the family has been forced to ask others for help in a desperate letter, their identity remains private. The veracity of the campaign is vouched for by Rabbi Shmuel Schlossberg, who knows the family well and how much they are in need of immediate financial assistance.

They could be your neighbors. You would never know.

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