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Roy Levi, the Mayor of Nesher, a town near Haifa, and the deputy chairman of the Federation of Local Authorities spoke to Lior Rosenfeld on his program on Radio Tzafon 104.5 FM about the possibility of long power outages if a major war broke out with Lebanon.

"I think the problem stems from the fact that everyone throws different information in the air and no one talks with the citizens and tells them what's happening. I remind you of the story of the blackout scenario that was hidden from the local authorities as well until I broke it to the media. From the moment they began to speak about it, each one pulled it in a different direction according to their interests," Levy stated.

He explained that "in all of the scenarios that simulate, the talk is of a minimum of 72 hours without power. And I tell people to prepare for more than that since if there are 72 without power or even just 24 hours, it's better to be ready when there are no medicines or a way to warm up food for babies and you have no way to use the basic necessary facilities. If the cell tower's power is restored, it doesn't help if the phone's battery is dead."

Levy added: "We hear that they are preparing for a bad scenario of at least 4,000 missiles on our area in a day. Therefore, all these stories that the power grid won't be hit or that it will be repaired immediately; I don't see people going to repair anything with 4,000 missiles a day. We need to prepare for at least 72 difficult hours, maybe even more, I say plan for even a week. I'm sure that by the end of that week, there won't be a remanent of Lebanon left and they will beg for a ceasefire. But we need to be tough and be part of the war since the strong backing that we will give to the IDF will allow the IDF to win and take out the threat from the north."