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Shani Bitton, a Jerusalem mother from the religious neighborhood of Shmuel Hanavi has released a statement that touched Jews worldwide, “My 12-year-old son Ephraim is … trusting me with the biggest event of his life to date, and I’m desperately hoping I won’t have to let him down."

Her son’s Bar Mitzvah is coming up shortly. He’s been practicing his Torah reading for months and is looking forward to standing in the synagogue wearing a new outfit. However, the Bitton family has gone through an economic crisis, that has dragged on for months.

With the Bar Mitzva looming dangerously close, the parents stated, “Our bank account is empty. We haven’t had meat or chicken in months, and my kids' shoes have holes in them, how can we possibly pay for a Bar Mitzva?? We are not even able to purchase tefillin for him".

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Ephraim’s teacher heard about the family's plan to cut out Bar Mitzva celebrations and chose to take a stand, something he’d never done before. “I’ve never done this for a student before, but I’m turning to you now because I know how much this boy needs it: please don’t let him suffer the pain of missing his Bar Mitzva! The family urgently needs funds for Tefilin, basic clothing, and a simple meal.”

Kind-hearted Jews have contributed to a fund to enable the Bar Mitzva to take place. A significant amount is still needed, and the mother turned to the public in an emotive request; “I don’t have anyone to rely on, and I’m turning to you. We aren’t asking for much, just a simple Bar Mitzva. Please don’t let me break my little boy’s heart. Missing out on his Bar Mitzvah is a scar I know he’ll forever carry with him.”

DONATE HERE to enable a Jerusalem boy to have a Bar Mitzvah