An IDF soldier was severely wounded on Sunday as a result of a UAV strike. The soldier was evacuated to receive medical treatment at the hospital. His family has been informed.

Sirens were activated earlier in the day due to an enemy aircraft infiltration in the town of Misgav where there had been no alert since October.

The IDF managed to intercept an unmanned aerial vehicle launched by Hezbollah in the Leshem Institute area of the Rafael company, which is engaged in the development and production of advanced weapons systems.

The IDF updated that following the sirens that sounded regarding rocket and missile launches in Ramot Naftali in northern Israel at 14:17, an interceptor was launched toward a suspicious aerial target that was later determined to be a false target.

Sirens regarding rocket and missile launches were activated in the area due to the danger of falling shrapnel from the interception.

Meanwhile, Hezbollah released a psychological warfare video last night with satellite images and coordinates of strategic sites in Israel, including naval targets.

The video shows satellite images, among others, of Haifa Bay, including the petrochemical plants and refineries, as well as the Ashdod port and the Dimona reactor.

The video with Hebrew subtitles quoted Nasrallah threatening: "If war is imposed on Lebanon, the resistance will fight without limitations, without rules, and without restrictions."

Last night, Israeli Air Force warplanes attacked a Hezbollah military structure in the village of Kilaa area and another observation post in the area.

Additionally, a Hezbollah terrorist cell was attacked, which was identified in the Al-Taybeh area by forces from Unit 869.