Terrorists in Israeli Prison
Terrorists in Israeli PrisonFlash 90

The IDF and the ISA were forced to cancel about twenty planned arrests this week due to prison overcrowding. Security officials are warning about the problem in detention facilities and prisons that leads to the cancellation of arrests and thwarting operations.

According to Kan, in light of the growing overcrowding in detention facilities, security bodies are having to conduct assessments regarding the dangerousness of prisoners and release administrative detainees at the end of their detention period out of necessity.

The release of these terrorists is intended to make room for detainees with a higher threat level who are needed for investigation, during a tense period when the threat level on the ground is high.

At the beginning of April, the Prison Service and the Ministry of National Security announced that "the prison capacity is set at 14,500 inmates, while the actual number of inmates exceeds 21,000. Due to the occupancy rate being about 50% higher than the prison capacity and a constant increase of dozens of detainees per day, in a few days the Prison Service will no longer be able to accommodate additional security prisoners".

During a government meeting discussion about adding hundreds of prison places in the Prison Service, National Security Minister Itamar Ben-Gvir said: "Since the beginning of the war, the Prison Service has taken in 5,000 terrorists, which is twice the number of security prisoners that were. The Prison Service is improvising temporary solutions, but basic things are missing, such as guards for these thousands of prisoners. We must budget for more places. The Treasury told us they are giving money for this to the Ministry of Defense, and the Ministry of Defense said they are giving it to us – in practice, they have given it to no one".