A group of anti-Israel protesters staged a demonstration outside a synagogue and Jewish school in California on Thursday evening, the local news station KTTV-11 reported.

The demonstration was held at the Shaarey Zedek Congregation in Valley Village, where a day school is located. Protesters shouted “FREE FREE PALESTINE!” and "Israel, Israel what do do say? How many kids did you kill today?"

Jewish residents gathered across the street in response to the demonstration, forming a barrier to protect the synagogue and the school.

One man approached the anti-Israel demonstrators and repeatedly demanded, "You're coming to our schools?" He told police that his children attend the school.

The LAPD separated the two sides, including the parent who demanded to know why the activists were targeting his children's school.

Conservative Jewish commentator Ben Shapiro said that he used to attend the synagogue that was targeted when he lived in California and walk there with his children.

"BTW, if people protested Hamas by going to a random mosque and shouting at the constituents, it would be national news and Joe Biden would make a statement about the evils of Islamophobia," Shapiro said.