The combat teams of the Alexandroni Brigade, the 8th Brigade, and the Multidimensional Unit are operating in the Gaza Strip, under the 99th Division.

This week, the combat teams completed a number of brigade-level operations, north and south of the Central Gaza Strip Corridor, in order to expand and increase operational control in the area.

The 8th Brigade Combat Team completed a brigade-level operation in Al-Zahra, which is on the outskirts of the city of Nuseirat. The soldiers eliminated dozens of terrorists, located a weapons storage facility that contained mortar bombs and military equipment belonging to the Hamas terrorist organization.

During an operation of the Alexandroni Brigade Combat Team in Al-Omdan, located on the outskirts of Gaza City, the soldiers located many weapons and tunnel shafts in the area.

Last night, SSF (res.) Omer Smadga and Colonel (Res.) Saadia Yaakov Dery, of the Alexandroni Brigade, were killed in action. The IDF shares in the grief of the bereaved families and will continue to accompany them.

In a brigade-level operation of the Multidimensional Unit, the soldiers conducted a targeted raid on a university that was being used as a Hamas headquarters and from which terrorists fired at the troops. The soldiers located weapons and barrel bombs inside the university compound.

In addition, the soldiers eliminated a terrorist who fired an RPG missile at them from a building in the area.