Trump and Biden
Trump and BidenYonatan Sindel, Arie Leib Abrams/Flash 90

Former US President Donald Trump will get the final word when he debates President Joe Biden on CNN next week, after a coin flip to determine podium placement and the order of closing statements.

The coin landed on the Biden campaign’s pick — tails — which meant his campaign got to choose whether it wanted to select the president’s podium position or the order of closing statements, the network reported on Thursday.

Biden’s campaign chose to select the right podium position, which means the Democratic President will be on the right side of television viewers’ screens and his Republican rival will be on viewers’ left.

Trump’s campaign then chose for the former President to deliver the last closing statement, which means Biden will go first at the conclusion of the debate.

Biden and Trump will debate each other next Thursday, June 27, in Atlanta. The debate will be hosted by CNN’s Jake Tapper and Dana Bash, and will mark the first in-person showdown of the 2024 campaign between Biden and Trump.

CNN last weekend released additional details on the parameters agreed upon by the Trump and Biden campaigns for the debate.

The 90-minute debate will include two commercial breaks, according to the network, and campaign staff may not interact with their candidate during that time.

Both candidates agreed to appear at a uniform podium, and their podium positions will be determined by a coin flip.

Microphones will be muted throughout the debate except for the candidate whose turn it is to speak. While no props or pre-written notes will be allowed on the stage, candidates will be given a pen, a pad of paper and a bottle of water.