Yahaloma Zechut, Ofakim Resilience Center CEO, receives the Presidential Volunteer Medal
Yahaloma Zechut, Ofakim Resilience Center CEO, receives the Presidential Volunteer MedalCourtesy

Four volunteer entities supported by the Combat Antisemitism Movement (CAM) were recognized by Israeli President Isaac Herzog on Wednesday for their efforts helping people and communities impacted by the October 7th attack.

The Presidential Volunteer Medals were granted at a ceremony held at President Herzog’s official Jerusalem residence, and CEO Sacha Roytman attended the event on behalf of CAM.

In the aftermath of the October 7th, CAM established the Israeli Emergency Support Fund, which raised more than $1.7 million to directly assist response and recovery activities.

“I couldn’t be prouder of our work today,” Roytman said. “Four of the twenty recipients of the Presidential Volunteer Medal are individuals we’ve supported through the emergency fund created post-October by the Combat Antisemitism Movement. They have provided crucial assistance to thousands in need across the country with our support and guidance.”

“We worked closely on projects we believed were vital and impactful for war-affected communities,” he added. “Together, we reached many who lost everything on October 7, doing everything we could to help.”

Roytman continued, “I’m especially proud of the following four recipients we have helped: Yahaloma Zechut, who established the Ofakim Resilience Center to support residents affected by the Hamas attack on the city; Racheli Tadesa Malkai, with whom we partnered to support the urgent needs of the Ethiopian community living in the south; Alon and Ella, who we helped distribute winter packages to 3,000 displaced children and provided hundreds of tablets so they could continue their education while schools were closed; and Wahid Alhuzeil, who built an emergency center to assist Bedouins affected by the war and share their stories around the world.”

“Today, the President honored their efforts and those of 16 other social entrepreneurs who dedicate their time and energy to helping those in need,” Roytman concluded. “The country is filled with heroes, and so many others deserve to be supported and honored.”

President Herzog tweeted, “October 7th was one of the most difficult moments for the people of Israel. But it turned into our finest hour, thanks to the spirit of volunteerism of the people of Israel, who mobilized en masse — from all corners of Israeli society, in all its variations. The recipients of these medals showed an extraordinary spirit of volunteerism, coming from different places, with different views, opinions, and beliefs, and gave so much of themselves for others.”