Hassan Nasrallah
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Hezbollah Secretary General Hassan Nasrallah delivered an address at a memorial ceremony on Wednesday for Hezbollah commander Sami Talib Abdullah (Abu Talib), who was eliminated last week, during which he threatened Israel as well as her allies.

“The Lebanon front prevented enemy forces from participating in Gaza, some of which were elite forces because the enemy fears that the resistance (Hezbollah) will invade the Galilee, which remains on the table if the confrontation develops,” Nasrallah threatened.

The senior terrorist claimed that Israel does not acknowledge its losses on the northern front so as not to put pressure on the government and Netanyahu. He noted that among the achievements of Hezbollah's attacks on northern Israel is "the displacement of settlers, and the disruption of industry, agriculture, and tourism in the north because of the status it represents.

"The enemy is afraid that things will spiral into war, and this is what has a strong impact on the Gaza front and forces it to economize on ammunition,” he added.

Nasrallah also mentioned the footage his organization published on Tuesday which was filmed by one of its drones showing sensitive sites in Israel: "The video we published yesterday is short, selected excerpts from long hours over Haifa. We have many hours of film of Haifa, before Haifa, and after Haifa, and we are fighting based on accurate surveillance, information, and coordinates.”

Later in his address, the Hezbollah leader warned Cyprus not to assist Israel: "We have information that the enemy is conducting maneuvers in Cyprus, in Cypriot territory, and airports. It (Israel) believes that if its airports are targeted, it will use Cypriot airports and facilities. Therefore, the Cypriot government must know that by opening Cypriot airports and bases for war on Lebanon, we will deal with Cyprus as if it were part of the war."