Benjamin Netanyahu
Benjamin NetanyahuGPO

Amid infighting between members of the government, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu released a statement calling on his partners not to challenge the coalition at the moment by submitting contentious bills.

"We are at war on several fronts, and major challenges and difficult decisions lie ahead. I demand vehemently from all partners in the coalition: get a hold of yourselves. Rise to the occasion," Netanyahu pleaded.

He emphasized that "it is not the time for small politics, it's not the time for legislation that threatens the coalition, which is fighting for victory over our enemies. We all must focus only on the tasks at hand: to defeat Hamas, to bring back the hostages, and to return the residents to their homes safely, both in the north and in the south.

"Therefore I demand from everyone - put any other consideration aside. Put aside side interests. Stand as one, together, behind our troops," the Prime Minister concluded.

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