Kim Jong Un (L) and Vladimir Putin (R)
Kim Jong Un (L) and Vladimir Putin (R)Reuters

Russian President Vladimir Putin on Wednesday signed an agreement with North Korean Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un, with the countries promising to defend each other if either is attacked, NBC News reported.

The agreement was signed during a rare visit by Putin - his first in 24 years - to North Korea.

The agreement could potentially expand transfers of military technology to North Korea, in exchange for munitions supplies which would help Russia in its war against Ukraine.

Following a welcome ceremony for Putin held at Pyongyang’s Kim Il Sung Square, Kim and Putin left for talks at Kumsusan Palace.

In his opening marks prior to the start of the talks, Putin stressed that Russia is fighting the imperialist policy the United States and its satellites imposed for decades against Russia," Russian state media reported.

The report also said that Kim claimed that the two countries are "entering a new period of high prosperity," and that he promised his country would "unconditionally support all Russian policies."

The talks between the two delegations lasted an hour and a half, and were followed by two hours of private discussions between the two leaders, Russian state media added.