Paratroopers Base (illustrative)
Paratroopers Base (illustrative)IDF spokesperson

The State Prosecutor has filed an indictment with the Be'er Sheva District Court against two Arabs suspected of stealing weapons from a military base.

According to the indictment, Yousef Abu Arar of Ar'ara and Amar Mohammed Miata worked in a military base, and stole weapons from it. Abu Arar served as a secondary contractor in a sealing company which provides services to the IDF. About a month ago, Abu Arar and Mohammed - who is in pre-1967 Israel illegally - worked at a Paratroopers Brigade base in southern Israel.

During their employment, the two entered the staff living quarters and stole an M4 from one of the officers' rooms. They hid the weapon in Abu Arar's vehicle and traveled from the base with the weapon in their possession.

Arrest warrants until the completion of legal proceedings have been filed against both Arabs, since according to the Southern District Prosecutor's Office, "There is a reasonable concern that the respondents will endanger the security of a person, the public's safety, and the country's security."

The two are also charged with crimes of possessing and transporting weapons, weapons theft, and using a vehicle to carry out a crime. Abu Arar is also being charged with providing employment and accommodations to an illegal alien, and Mohammed is being charged with illegal presence in Israel.