Ada Sagi
Ada SagiCourtesy of the family

Ada Sagi, a former peace activist, who was kidnapped to Gaza on October 7 and released in hostage deal, spoke to the BBC about being held hostage by Hamas, that she does not believe in peace any more, and that she believes that the world today hates Jews.

"I don't believe in peace. I understand that Hamas doesn't want peace," she said in the interview. On the possibility of a deal, she said that, "Israel needs to make a deal, to return all the hostages, alive and dead."

Sagi described her captivity and said that she was hidden for the first day in a house with children, but was later moved to a house in Khan Yunis. The owner of the apartment told them that his wife and children were sent to stay with his father-in-law. She also said that the owner of the house was a nurse.

Sagi said that the residents of Gaza were paid for looking after them: "I heard them say 70 Shekels a day. That's a lot of money in Gaza because they don't have jobs. If you have a job not through Hamas, you won't earn more than 20 Shekels."

She also spoke about the days when the deal came to fruition and the anticipation of release: "Every time there was a knock on the door, you think they've come to take you."

At one point, she added, she was taken to Nasser Hospital and the terrorists told her and the other hostages who were with her: "You are staying here."

"People say they are not involved. They are involved and receive money for each hostage.” she added. Regarding the world attitude towards Israel and the hostages, Sagi said that she believes that the world hates the Jews.