Ishay Ribo
Ishay RiboDov Ber Hechtman

Madison Square Garden is possibly the most famous concert hall, and this coming summer it is also due to be the hall where Ishay Ribo will perform for the second time.

Ribo, who was the first Israeli to sing on stage in the renowned hall, will do so again in September. This time he will host Eviatar Banai and Idan Raichel, two artists he particularly appreciates and loves.

"Sometimes I ask myself how I got there?" Ribo shares, "For me to perform on such a big and important stage, and now I'm going back again. Me?! The truth is that I don't have a clear answer about myself, but there is something I'm starting to be confident about."

"We all have a role, which in these days is becoming more focused and clearer," adds Ribo, “especially in this difficult year, unlike anything we have ever known, and which is not going as we ever expected. Nobody has any idea where we are heading."

"My talented friends and I are coming to this big stage with dear and very important guests - Banai and Idan Raichel. Together we will pray and sing, cry and rejoice and, above all, be together. With God’s help, we will do it and we will succeed."

Ribo concludes: "I love you all and pray that we will receive good news that the Jewish Nation is so longing for, soon in our days, Amen."