IDF soldiers in Gaza (illustrative)
IDF soldiers in Gaza (illustrative)IDF spokesperson

Khalil Dawas, a resident of Jericho who was suspected of cooperating with Israel, is the individual who Hamas claimed to have "kidnapped" last month, claiming that he was an Israeli soldier.

Following Hamas' announcement that the terror group had kidnapped an IDF soldier, an IDF spokesman quickly released a response stating that the claim was untrue. Hamas, however, published a photo of the "soldier's" body.

In recent days, the individual in the photograph was identified by individuals in Jaber as Dawas.

A resident of Jericho said that Dawas was arrested several times within Israel, "in order to clean his name and spread the word that he is a resistance fighter."

It was also claimed in Jericho that Dawas turned in terrorists suspected of operating against Israel, and aided Israeli security forces in targeting terrorists.

"It has been a long time that he is neither in the camp (Jaber -ed.) nor in Jericho," a resident of Jericho told Ynet. "There are a lot of rumors about him - including that he is in Gaza and aiding the army. We saw his photograph, which proves that he helped the IDF."

The video clip published by Hamas shows an injured individual being dragged on the floor of a tunnel, as well as photographs of rifles, vests, and helmets.