Haim Goldich, Kan 11 News’ reporter in Jerusalem, published footage proving that the humanitarian aid products that enter Gaza end up in the hands of terrorists.

Goldich, who is on duty in the Gaza Strip, posted on X a video showing food products he and other soldiers found in a home in the Zaytun neighborhood after civilians were evacuated from the area. Goldich stated that only terrorists are hanging around this area now.

"If anyone had any doubts as to whether the humanitarian aid goes to Hamas or to the refugees - yesterday in the house we invaded in the Zaytin neighborhood in the center of the Gaza Strip, we found a box of aid funded by Qatar and a Jordanian aid organization that came specifically to Hamas terrorists."

"Let's make it clear: There are no civilians in this area! There are only terrorists there," added Goldich, in order to avoid claims that the aid that was found was meant for civilians.