The Meeting
The MeetingIDF

The Northern Command Commander, Major General Uri Gordin, and the Head of the Operations Directorate, Major General Oded Basiuk, conducted a joint plans approval and situation assessment in the Northern Command today.

As part of the situation assessment, operational plans for an attack in Lebanon were presented and approved, and decisions were made to further accelerate the preparations by ground forces.

Meanwhile, during the day, Air Force aircraft attacked UAV launch cells from Hezbollah’s air unit. The unit has led dozens of attacks using explosive and reconnaissance UAVs against Israel and IDF forces. "The IDF will continue to thwar Hezbollah activities in the area," the IDF stated.

Additionally, in the evening hours, Air Force fighter jets attacked several Hezbollah terror targets in southern Lebanon. Among the targets attacked were several of the organization's infrastructures in the regions of al-Taybeh, al-Adaisah, and al-Jabin, and a military building in the area of Ayta ash-Shab.

The plan approvals and the UAV launch cell attack came after Hezbollah published a 9-minute video from cities in the north that a new UAV had filmed in Israel.

The video allegedly details the facilities at the Rafael plant, including Iron Dome facilities, rocket motor warehouses, David's Sling facilities, and radar installations.

Ynet noted that 'it appears the video is mostly composed of drone footage probably launched by spies from within Israel, who knew what they were filming and what to focus on.'

In Kiryat Yam, the UAV filmed the Savyoney Yam neighborhood, towers, a shopping center, and a supermarket and also followed a vehicle for several seconds. Hezbollah claimed that the UAV returned to Lebanon.

According to Hezbollah, various Israeli warships were also photographed, as well as fuel containers placed at the port. The footage shows a structure in the Navy base and a building allegedly belonging to the YALTAM combat diving unit.