Benjamin Netanyahu
Benjamin NetanyahuYonatan Sindel/Flash90

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu participated and spoke today (Tuesday) at a ceremony in memory of those killed in the 1948 Altalena sinking at the Nachlat Yitzhak cemetery in Tel Aviv.

"I want to believe that the lessons of the Altalena have been learned and internalized. Division – is weakness. Unity – is strength,'' Netanyahu began. ''We are fighting on several fronts: In the south – until Hamas is eliminated and all of our hostages are returned. In the north – until we restore all of our residents securely to their homes. In the east – we are working to prevent Iran from encircling us in a chokehold and from achieving nuclear weapons that are designed to destroy us."

''But there is one war that cannot be and must not be – there will be no civil war. There is an extremist, vocal and – I regret – occasionally violent minority, that is organized and financed on an unimaginable scale. But it does not represent the majority of our people. Most of the people are behind our soldiers who want, and are striving for, victory over our enemies."

Netanyahu's remarks come after last night radical leftist protest leader Shikma Bresler lashed out against him and said outrageously that "the Prime Minister smiles when an IDF messenger knocks on more families' doors." Prime Minister Netanyahu lost his own brother in the IDF Entebbe rescue.

Bresler claimed: "This abandonment, this moral disgrace, accompanies us daily, hour by hour. It is happening on our watch, contrary to the Israeli ethos and undermining our most basic human foundations."