Strike in Rafah
Strike in RafahAbed Rahim Khatib/Flash 90

The Hamas terrorist organization accused the IDF, which it called the "criminal Zionist occupation army", of deliberately setting fire to a structure at the Rafah crossing and other facilities in a way that put the crossing out of use.

A statement issued by Hamas claimed that this is a "criminal act and barbaric behavior carried out as part of the ongoing war of extermination against our Palestinian people in the Gaza Strip."

According to Hamas, "This Nazi behavior, which is a clear war crime, requires widespread international condemnation, and the taking of the necessary measures to bring the leaders of the occupation to justice for their responsibility for the demolition of a civilian facility, with no justification other than the thirst for destruction and increasing the suffering of the Palestinians."

"The criminal Zionist occupation bears responsibility for the results of this crime, which causes the disconnection between the Palestinians and the outside world, and prevents thousands of sick and wounded from traveling to receive treatment abroad," the statement charged.

Hamas called for effective international action that would lead to the opening of the Rafah crossing to make it easier for the residents of the Gaza Strip to go abroad and to bring in food and emergency aid.