US Vice President Kamala Harris on Monday condemned Hamas’ sexual violence during its October 7 attack on Israel, while also calling for a hostage release deal and a permanent ceasefire.

In a speech on conflict-related sexual violence, Harris noted instances of sexual violence around the globe, including in Hamas' October 7 attack on Israel.

“In the days after October 7, I saw images of bloodied Israeli women abducted. Then it came to light that Hamas committed rape and gang rape at the Nova Music Festival…I’ve heard the stories, from a former hostage, of what she witnessed and heard in captivity. These testimonies, I fear, will only increase as more hostages are released,” said Harris.

“We cannot look away and we will not be silent. My heart breaks for all these survivors and their families and for all the pain and suffering over the past eight months in Israel and in Gaza. We are deeply concerned by all reports of sexual violence and degradation, and we mourn every innocent life lost in this conflict. It is devastating," added the Vice President.

She called on Hamas to accept the ceasefire and hostage release deal recently outlined by President Joe Biden “which would bring the hostages home and lead to a permanent end to hostilities.”

The White House event in which Harris spoke will include a partial screening of Sheryl Sandberg’s “Screams Before Violence” which deals with the sexual violence perpetrated by Hamas on October 7.

Before the event, Harris met Amit Soussana, 40, who was kidnapped by Hamas on October 7 and released after 55 days in captivity, and who was sexually assaulted by her captor.

Prior to Harris’ speech, the White House published a fact sheet on the Biden Administration's actions to address conflict-related sexual violence, but the fact sheet did not mention Israel, Gaza, or Hamas.

Former US Ambassador to Israel David Friedman condemned in a post on X the total omission of the sexual crimes committed against Israelis in the fact sheet.

Later, Friedman clarified in another post, "I’m now hearing that VP Harris will address Hamas’ sexual violence at her speech. If so, good. I still don’t understand how the White House puts out a paper on sexual violence without mentioning Hamas — more malpractice from the Biden Administration."