Hamas invasion of Israel
Hamas invasion of IsraelAbed Rahim Khatib/Flash90

Kan reports that intelligence documents in the possession of the Gaza Division and the Intelligence Corps showed the plans for the October 7th massacre in minute detail, and were distributed less than three weeks before the invasion.

Security officials added that the document was known to the top intelligence echelon, and at the very least to the Gaza Division.

The document, under the title "End-to-end detailed raid training", describes in detail a series of exercises carried out by Hamas elite units in which they practiced raiding military posts and kibbutzim, kidnapping soldiers and civilians, and even instructions on how to hold and guard the hostages once they were already in Gaza.

According to the document, the first step in the exercise is to create breaches in a dummy IDF post built in Gaza that simulates the posts in the Gaza border area. The exercise was carried out by four companies and each company received a different post.

According to the report, Southern Command and Gaza Division intelligence were not only aware of Hamas' kidnapping plan but also the conditions for holding the hostages, including instructions in the document to the kidnappers on how to handle extreme cases, how to hold the hostages, and under what conditions they could be executed.

The assessment that Hamas' plan was to kidnap between 200 and 250 soldiers and civilians, including women and children, was completely ignored.