On October 7, musician Micha Biton and his family spent 14 hours in a dark saferoom. Eleven people in complete darkness without electricity, and without air, all the while hearing gunshots from all directions and praying that they escape the inferno alive.

Today Micha released his song, "To Fall in Love Again," a song he wrote for the country that broke his heart and his trust in it. The country where he was born, and where he built his home and his family in Netiv Ha’asara – the border community closest to the fence with Gaza. Micha is asking in the song to build his trust in the country and fall in love with it all over again.

Netiv Ha’asara, a pastoral village with a warm and loving community, lost twenty of its beloved sons and daughters, Micha's close friends, on October 7.

Throughout the years, Micah and the Netiv Ha’asara community put their trust in the state and believed that Gaza Envelope is the safest place to live and raise their children, because, “We have the strongest army in the world and it will protect us from all harm.” On the seventh of October, this trust was broken.

Micha and his family were evacuated and are still living in a hotel in Tel Aviv. It's been more than seven months, and when asked if he will return home, Micha replies: "We will rebuild the trust because we have no other option. We will return to the beautiful house we built in Moshav Netiv Ha’asara."